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Who Is Brett Ingram and Why Should You Listen To Him?

Brett is Founder and CEO of Levrige, LLC.

He started 2 other businesses and brought them both from zero to multi-million dollar sales levels. He is an expert in online marketing and small business development. His personal experience in overcoming challenges and limitations in building his own businesses is what inspired him to focus on helping others break through roadblocks and realize their entrepreneurial dreams. He is passionate about growing businesses and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Brett is able to impact others  through his clear communication style, wide range of knowledge, and relentless commitment to producing tangible results. He helps business owners evolve their thinking and effectiveness as leaders, and he helps their businesses evolve by growing revenue and automating processes.

He has an MBA from New York University with specializations in Strategy, Leadership & Change Management, and Finance.

Outside the office, Brett is an engaged husband and father to his wife and three children. He enjoys weightlifting and playing basketball, and he’s an avid Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox fan.